Thursday, June 9, 2016

Lucky number 13 !!!-

Let’s talk about 13.  If you’re superstitious, you believe the number 13 is an unlucky number.  When you ride in an elevator of a very tall building, you may notice there is no button for the 13th floor, all because of superstition.  If the 13th of the month happens to be on a Friday, people consider it a day filled with unlucky events, “Friday the 13th.”  The age 13 is the first year a person is considered a teenager, and that’s when the challenging part of life begins.  There is so much pressure for 13 year olds: to be liked by the peers, to dress the right way, to have many friends, to be invited to all the parties, to “fit in.”  In China, being an orphan who is 13 years old, is negative for a completely different reason.  You see, when an orphan turns 13 years old, there is only one year left for him/her to have a family.  Once an orphan turns 14, he/she is no longer eligible for adoption.  Even if a family arrives in country and meets them on their 14th birthday, it doesn’t matter.  It is too late.  That child will never know the love of a family.

There is a special place in my heart for orphans who are in that final year.  Growing up, I LOVED the number 13!  I refuse to be intimidated by superstition.  I try hard to advocate for Chinese orphans who are 13 years old.  All children deserve to know what FAMILY means.  They deserve to know GOD and have a relationship with Him.  We adopted our son last year less than one week before his 14th birthday.  Watching him learn how to love, and how to care for others is indescribable.  Watching him learn about God is invaluable.  Learning who he is and watching him grow in to the young man he is meant to be is incredible.  Yes, adopting an older child is challenging.  Yes, it has been just as challenging for him to be adopted as an older child.  His life changed so much!  I only need a few words to describe how I feel about our son and everything he has endured in just 14 years of life.  He is brave, precious, loved, and SO WORTH IT!

There is an orphan in China right now who is 13 years old.  I am begging everyone who reads this to help make 13 a lucky number for Isaiah.  Let this, his 13th year of life, be the best year of his life!  Help this be the year he comes home to his family, to learn how it feels to have a family who loves you, a mommy to hug you and a daddy to tuck you in bed at night.  Bring Isaiah home so his family can teach him about God and all the love He has for him.  We need everyone’s help!!  Say a prayer for Isaiah, donate if you are able to, and then share this with all your friends.  Prayer is powerful, and we need it to help this family get to Isaiah before it is too late!  Please help!!
Sweet Isaiah

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