Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Emotional rollercoaster" is putting it mildly

Everyone warned that international adoption is an emotional rollercoaster.  Initially, I was doing great dealing with the waiting, the unknown, the anticipation, all of it.  But, lately, I'm not dealing with it as well as I would like.  It truly feels a lot more like an emotional tornado, because I don't just have positive feelings today, then negative tomorrow.  Instead I feel it all at the same time!

I feel ANXIOUS to hear some sort of update on our Little Guy!
I feel EXCITED that God is blessing us with both these precious miracles!
I feel NERVOUS when I think about traveling across the country when I have never flown on an airplane.
I feel SAD when I think about taking them from their nannies who have loved them for so long.
I feel HAPPY knowing that we will be giving them this awesome family to call their own.
I feel INTIMIDATED when I think about the total cost of this adoption.
I feel HONORED to call some amazing women my friends, who I met through the adoption community.
I feel BLESSED when someone makes a donation or supports our fundraisers.

This list could really get long!!  The point is I am feeling such a mixture of emotions that I cannot control.  So, I guess I will just "go with it", enjoy every bit of it, and do my best to never forget it.  I thank God for giving me each of these emotions because I know they are making me a better person.  I find peace in prayer.  I appreciate everyone's prayers more than I could ever type in this blog.  Thank you for continuing to keep our little ones and our entire family in your prayers!