Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Final Update!

It is getting close now! In fact, we could very likely be on a plane to China just one month from today. So, here's the photos we got of our sweeties :

Sweet, sweet "Faith"

Our Handsome "Little Guy"
And, we received measurements.....Our "Little Guy" is four years younger than "Faith" but he weighs more than she does. Of course, I was happy to see healthy chubby cheeks on his face.  And, sweet "Faith" was using a walker in her photos instead of the plastic kids chair she used to push around in front of her.  The best part of all was that her walker is PINK, my favorite color.  We are definitely going to have to find out if we can buy that one from the orphanage!

So, now that it is getting close, I am feeling a wide range of emotions.....excited, nervous, worried, crazy in love with my two China babies, sad to be away from 3 of my kids while in China, comforted to know they will be well taken care of and in good hands while we are away, mentally exhausted from all the thinking and attempting to plan with practically no details yet.......did I mention excited ?!

I don't know what all to pack, but I decided I will go ahead and start packing.  Then, I realized that I need to go shopping for some things, but who has time to go shopping when there are so many other things that need to be done.  I signed up to sell some things at a craft fair, thinking it was a perfect idea for a way to get the last bit of money we need to travel.  Now, I ask myself what in the world was I thinking ?!  I need to get enough items sewn to make it worth my time.  Plus, I need to go buy last minute items that we will need to pack, and diapers and clothes for the two new kids.  I will be flying for the first time ever in a month or so, and it's going to be a long flight.  I have no idea what it's like to fly, or what it's like to be so far from home.  And, let's not forget that I NEVER leave my kids with anyone, much less for two weeks.  Makes me crazy just typing it!  See, so much on my mind, that all the thoughts get all mixed up and then I'm left with what we all like to call "pregnancy brain."  And, of course, all those thoughts running crazy in my head leaves me totally mentally exhausted.  I am going to bed super early tonight, and when I wake up, the mental/emotional roller coaster will begin again.