Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And.....another fundraiser

My friend bought this awesome pattern and then
I had a blast making it --

$85 each

New Fundraisers !!

A very nice young lady who we recently met made LOTS of lovely hair bows for us to sell.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sometimes it's something so simple that makes you feel such a big emotion.  Friday our dossier finally got submitted to China.  There are no words to describe the overwhelming feeling I had the entire weekend! 

Then, on Sunday, I went and bought a high chair from someone selling it on Facebook.  Sure, I was excited to have found such a good deal on something so nice.  But, the real feeling hit when I had it in my car and was taking it home. 

Excitement, Joy, Happiness, Victorious,
And, also a longing to have that sweet little boy
here and sitting in this high chair.....
Now, this high chair is sitting in the corner of my dining room, waiting for Little Guy to come home and eat his meals with his family.  I can only imagine how it's going to feel when that moment is finally here.
Adoptive parents write about how crazy it seems that we miss a child whom we have never met.  I "get" that.  But, I don't think it's crazy at all; it just makes sense.  A good friend recently told me to take peace in knowing that our little ones do not know what it is like to have "loved ones" and therefore do not know what they are missing.  So, as we wait and we miss them, we know that our little ones are not experiencing these hard feelings like we are.  But.....once they are home, then they will learn what it feels like to love and be loved.  And, they will learn what it feels like to miss Mommy while she goes to the grocery store or Daddy while he goes to work.  And, the best part of all, they will know how wonderful it feels when Mommy or Daddy gets back home and scoops them up in to their arms, and tells them how much we love them!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Amazing Find !

Several adoptive families have shared a Chinese search engine where they search their adopted child's Chinese name and find his/her "finding ad".  The finding ad is the ad placed in the local newspaper when a baby or child is found abandoned.  It has a photo and other information regarding date and place found.  This is a valuable piece of information to have for your adopted child when they grow up and begin wanting to know more about their history.
I tried this search, but well, let's just say my "internet search skills" are not up to par.  So, out of frustration, I copy/pasted my daughter's name in Chinese characters in to the regular ole Google search bar.  After clicking on "images", I was speechless.  There popped up a picture of our daughter as a baby.  A friend was able to get the information around the picture translated for me.  Here's what I know.  The picture was posted on a blog written by someone in China.  She posted pictures of about 5 of the kids in "Faith's" orphanage to show people what sweet cute children were looking for families.  I also learned the picture was taken when she was just one year old.  She is lying in her crib with her crib mate. 

Words cannot begin to describe how I felt that evening, when I stumbled across this picture.  And, seriously.....what are the odds of finding a baby picture of my soon-to-be 7 year old daughter ,who lives in another country halfway across the globe, by searching on Google.  :)

You wanna see the picture I found?

Monday, June 3, 2013


DTC means "dossier to China" and this means that all the papers about us and even photos of our family will go to China so they can learn about us and decide if they will let us adopt our children.  Yes, we already have a pre-approval for each of them, but this is more of a final approval.  China updated their computer system last week so that hopefully this process will move more quickly.  Unfortunately, they aren't quite finished updating.  So, we have to wait until they are done, and then we can finally submit our dossier.  Can't wait for that day!
Both our children have birthdays coming up, one in July and the other in August.  It is very hard to think about them not celebrating their birthday here with us, but I take comfort in knowing we have many birthdays to celebrate with them and I plan on making them HUGE memories!  Although I have never met either of these little angels, I miss them more than I can begin to describe.  I recently made a new friend thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook.  She will be traveling next month to adopt her son who lives in the same orphanage as our little "Faith".  When she visits the orphanage, she is going to ask if she can see "Faith" and give her a gift from us and maybe even take a photo or two.  I don't mind if she can't take photos.  Just hearing that she gets to see her in person is going to bring me much happiness.  I am so excited to hear what she has to say about "Faith".  I want to know how small she is, how big her smile is, how big and bright her eyes are.......all these things I know, but I still want to hear them from someone else, someone who actually sees her in front of them.  For now, I stare at pictures of our two sweeties every day........And, I smile !

I can't wait to have them home and love them and care for them and give them many reasons to smile !