Adoption #2 Timeline -- Bringing Li Home

1/7   first contacted placing agency
1/9   phone conversation with home study agency
1/13 home study visits
1/15 home study complete
1/16 home study approved by placing agency
        I800a overnighted to USCIS
1/20 I800a arrived at the lockbox
1/21 all dossier documents verified by county and state
1/22 dossier documents overnighted to courier in Houston
1/23 dossier documents received by courier
        contacted congressman for help
        I800a sent 2day from lockbox to NBC
1/26 dossier documents dropped off at consulate
1/27 dossier documents picked up from consulate and sent overnight to agency
        I800a application received at NBC and fingerprint cards emailed to me
1/28 fingerprinting done
        I800 application received at lockbox
1/29 I800a approval sent to me via email;
         verified by county and state and overnighted to courier for authentication
1/30 courier received I800a approval
        interviewed for matching grant
        Pre-approval to adopt our young man!!
2/2   I800a approval dropped at consulate for authentication
2/3   awarded $4000 matching grant from Promise686
2/4   authenticated I800a approval delivered to agency and sent to China
         Dossier "in process of translation"
2/5.   Dossier "in process of review"
        Awarded a $2000 matching grant from Family Christian Bookstores through Lifesong
2/6   Dossier has been moved to "matched" status
2/9   Computer says LSC has been issued
2/10  Received soft LSC
         I800 Approval
      Overnighted Passports to courier for Visas
2/14  Received hard copy LSC and hard copy I800 in mail
2/17  Received GUZ number in morning
         Filed DS260 online
2/18  woke up to email containing NVC letter
         Got passports back with Visas in them
2/23  Article 5 paperwork dropoff
2/24  Article 5 paperwork pickup - overnighted to C***A
         Received confirmation our Consulate appointment is scheduled for March 19th
3/2   System shows our Travel Approval has been issued. Hard copy will be sent to Li's Province.

3/6   Leave Atlanta ---headed to Seoul, Korea and then Shanghai, China
3/9   Meet Li for the first time
3/10 Sign papers to make it totally official he is ours!
3/15 Celebrate Li's birthday in China
3/21  Plane lands in Atlanta and we begin life as a family of 12 !!!

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