Saturday, April 2, 2016

Family for a year, and Fifteen years old now!

We have been home from China with our newest son for a whole year now.  The time has flown by!
Last year, we raced through the entire adoption process in just 7 weeks, arriving in China just six days before he would have no longer been eligible for adoption.  Those 7 weeks felt like forever.  And that time in our lives was SO WORTH IT!  I mean just look at this transformation --

In pictures, you can only see the physical changes.
But so much change, so much growth,
has happened this past year.

Our sweet son came to us a quiet, shy boy who
never smiled and spoke very little.  Now, well, now he is quite the opposite.  A couple of surgeries have improved his ability to walk.  Hearing aids and new eyeglasses have opened up the world to him.  He loves having a family!
He smiles all the time.  He laughs often.  He has an incredible, BIG personality that keeps us smiling.  He rushes to help his two "littlest" siblings every chance he gets.  And he loves to tease his "little" sister.

What an extraordinary, brave, kind, affectionate young man he is!  

I never could have imagined how amazing it would be to have this young man become a part of our family.  And, now, I could never imagine our family without him.  So many people, from all over the United States, helped us reach him in time.  I will never be able to express the gratitude I feel for all comforting words of encouragement, the listening ears, the donations, and especially the prayers we felt from everyone. Thank you!

Right now, there is a young man in China with only four months left until he ages out.  My sweet boy had only two months, and we got to him in time. So, I know this boy's family will reach him in time.  I have decided to help them all I can.  Several women "coached" me through the expedited adoption process and I learned so much.  Now, I have an opportunity to "pay it forward."  But, they are in the same situation we were.  There are specific steps in the adoption process.  Each step has its own set of fees that must be paid before you can move on to the next step.  They need help coming up with the funds needed to be able to move through all the steps at lightning speed!  

Fifteen months ago, I was begging and pleading for everyone to donate, share our story, and pray for our family.  Now, I am begging and pleading you all to do the same for this beautiful family!

Let's help this family get him home so
they can share pictures of him next year!

You can follow along on Facebook at

If you are able to donate, please do so at this link:

If you aren't able to donate, please share his story so others know
how they might be able to help.  And, please pray! Pray his family reaches him before it's too late.  Pray for his sweet innocent heart.  Pray for his brothers-to-be, and his parents as they navigate this challenging journey.

Thank you!

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