Sunday, February 22, 2015

12 days !!

In just 12 days, we will likely be boarding a plane headed to China.  This whole process has been so rushed, and gratefully so.  It truly is best described as a whirlwind.  There has been no time to stop and think, only to stay focused on which stack of paperwork has to be filled out now.  Every time you finish a stack, there is a new one to begin.  Now, we are at a point where there is no more paperwork, no paperwork for me anyway :)  Now, all the paper processing is being done in China, while we sit at home staring at pictures of our beautiful young man, anxiously awaiting the day when we will stare in to his eyes in front of us, not just in photos.
This week, we expect to get definite dates, which will allow us to book our plane tickets and hotel rooms.  That's when we will know for sure exactly how much everything costs.  So, far the prices of plane tickets are sitting much higher than we had planned, and as the date gets closer, those prices just continue to rise.  But, I won't freak out just yet.  I am going to wait until I have confirmed definite prices.....and then I will likely have a freak-out moment!

I end this post with a beautiful smile, one that I can't wait to witness in person.......

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