Monday, June 20, 2016

I'd like to introduce you to someone special

Abandoned when he was maybe 2 years old, Isaiah was found and taken to live his life in an orphanage.  A few months later, he was moved to a foster home.  Now 13 years old, he doesn't know how it feels to have a Mom or a Dad or brothers.  In less than two months, he will turn 14 years old.  Notice I did not say he will celebrate his 14th birthday because there will be no celebration.  Instead, he will be moved to a mental institution or told to go live on the streets.  Neither option is anywhere near acceptable for this young man.  He has a type of dwarfism and in his country it is considered a bad omen.  So, if he does try to live on the streets, he will be treated very poorly by all who see him.

There is a family here in America that is trying very hard to raise the funds needed to cover his adoption expenses and racing through the stacks and stacks of paperwork necessary to adopt Isaiah.  The have less than 7 weeks left to complete the entire process.

With everyone's help, they will make it in time!  Isaiah will be adopted and come home to a loving family with two older brothers and one younger brother, who happens to have the same type of dwarfism.  He will be someone's son, someone's brother, and someone's grandson.  He will have his own bedroom with his own comfy bed, fluffy pillow, and soft blanket.  With his love for cars, his Mom and Dad will make sure there is a nice pile of toy cars waiting for him to come home to play with them.  He will also get to go to school and learn all sorts of things, something he doesn't get to do now.  His life will be filled with hugs, hugs with genuine 100% love for him.  And, oh, I can only imagine how much time he will spend in the backyard running around playing with his brothers and their pet dogs.  He loves being outside and will love it even more with a family!

Please, please, please help!! Share Isaiah's story with everyone you know, ask them to pray that everything happens in time.  Ask everyone you know to donate $5 here  
 If we can get everyone to donate just $5, it will add up so fast, and Isaiah will get to come home to his family this year!  He will know LOVE, love of a family, and the love from our Heavenly Father.

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