Sunday, January 25, 2015

When God blesses you with new people in your life.....

He does that you know, brings strangers in to your life who suddenly become very precious to you.  Nearly two years ago, when we were in the process of adopting our two Chinese sweethearts, somehow I "met" a sweet woman on Facebook.  We chatted lots.  She lived in Brooklyn and I live in Georgia, nearly opposite ends of the world.  She was moving to the area of southern Alabama where I grew up.  But we had something bigger in common.  She was adopting her son from the same orphanage where our daughter lived.  And here is why she is now so precious to us.  She gave us such a wonderful gift that there are no words to describe how it made us feel.  When she went to get her son, she met our daughter.  She met her and took gifts from us, showed her our picture, and the best part of all......she video recorded our daughter saying hello to me, her Mama, and to Scott, her Baba.  I feel as though we will never be able to thank her enough!
Now, she has gone and done something great again.  After challenging her friends to donate toward our adoption fund, and her matching their donations, she raised $800 to help bring Li home.  Thank you God for bringing her into our life.

A little less than a year ago, I flew with my two new cuties and their big sister to Dallas, Texas to see some orthopedic specialists there.  The plane was full both ways, and God did it again.  The woman who sat next to me on the way there is from China and she helped to distract and keep my little guy occupied for the long flight.  We chatted about adoption and China and became instant friends.  After exchanging emails, she exited the plane in Houston.  We were going to stay in touch via email.  We stayed in Dallas for a whole week, two days longer than expected.  I know why we had to stay longer....because when we stopped in Houston on the way home, guess who boarded the plane?  And, it was a full plane again and the seat next to me was the last seat available!  I called her name and she looked at me and smiled.  We talked on the flight all the way home, so happy to see each other again.  She lives only forty five minutes away from us.  She came to the hospital, postponing her business trip so she could, when our little guy had his first surgery.  We have plans to get together again and again.  How precious to have a new friend, but also for her to be from my children's homeland!  Thank you God for this new friend!

Now we are adopting our young man, and He is doing it again!  There are a couple of ladies who started a Facebook group to help people who are rushing to bring their children home like we are.  Some people have to hurry to their children for medical reasons, while others are like us, racing against the clock before their child ages out.  We have very very little time left to get to Li before he ages out.  These two ladies have responded to my questions at 11:00 at night!  They both gave me their cell phone numbers during our first conversation so they are available any time I may need them, amazing!  They don't even know us, and yet are so very willing to help in every way they can.  Thank you God for helping me find these ladies!

I hope that God will bring me into someone's life that I may help them when they need it!  And, I am so grateful for the ones He has brought in to my life!

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